Competitive Typoe Annihilation

Competitive Typoe Annihiliation, also referred to with codename typo13k, was an online game made for js13kGames 2016 game jam.

Initially hosted on Heroku, the game is now available on Glitch.


The player picks their nickname and joins the global room. The server dispenses a puzzle – a word where two consecutive letters are swapped. The fastest player to correct the word on their computer gets 1 point. The game keeps a leaderboard.

Implementation details

The game jam’s rules required the game to use NodeJS on the backend and for communicating with the server. The game picks words at random from the nouns list from Darius Kazemi’s corpora


The game received 3rd place in the Server category of js13kGames 2016, with two positive feedback notes from judges, however Jupiter Hadley noted that the word losing a round while typing caused the player to type into the new word they were supposed to start solving.

Problems that could use solving