Photo of Michał. Michał is a white guy in his twenties and dark blonde hair partially reaching his shoulders and curling at the ends. In the photo he's smiling and looking at the viewer, and he's wearing headphones, glasses with a dark blue frame, and a dark T-shirt.


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Hi, my name is Michał Sidor, and I go by Michcioperz on the web. I am a programmer and a Computer Science MSc student at University of Warsaw. I use he/him and they/them pronouns.

Throughout my career I’ve mostly been tinkering with web development (in Python) and server administration. While this description doesn’t fully describe the work I’ve done for the Polish Olympiad in Informatics as a technical staff, it is accurate enough for the bulk of it. Read more about my past work

I occasionally ramble about things on my blog in an attempt to provoke myself into getting good at writing blog posts. I think one of the most interesting pieces I’ve managed to churn out is My nuclear take on modular phone design. Read more of my blog posts

I’m open to interesting job offers, as long as “interesting” doesn’t mean Django (which I’ve grown too tired of at this point) or blockchain or machine learning (which I am a hopeless disbeliever in). Of course, work is not the only thing I like to talk about! See how best to contact me