Photo of Michał. Michał is a white guy in his twenties and dark blonde hair partially reaching his shoulders and curling at the ends. In the photo he's smiling and looking at the viewer, and he's wearing headphones, glasses with a dark blue frame, and a dark T-shirt.


Violet Evergarden

88 words, ~1 minute

What is it about?

An young orphan girl coming back from being a berserker kind of trained-to-recklessly-kill soldier at a fantasy version of World War I, and winds up becoming a ghostwriter for people who can’t write.

What’s so great about it?

The story is touching and beautifully told. The music is great. I also might have a sweet tooth for the time period this seems to be inspired by.

Is it safe for work?

There’s a lot of blood sometimes, and the story is centered around war.