Photo of Michał. Michał is a white guy in his twenties and dark blonde hair partially reaching his shoulders and curling at the ends. In the photo he's smiling and looking at the viewer, and he's wearing headphones, glasses with a dark blue frame, and a dark T-shirt.


– Now

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This is a now page. I’m not sure I trust the computer to do its job, but the date up here in the headline should theoretically be when this page was last updated.


If we haven’t met since the Before Times, it’s likely that my hair volume has quadrupled and I now look like an arguably cute mess. It’s unlikely that I’ve gotten taller, but if we meet, you will still tell me that I have.


I live in moderately western Warsaw, Poland. I’m now triple vaxxed, so I’m open to suggestions of hanging out, though still with preference of walks on fresh air.


I’m in the final year of Masters degree at U of Warsaw, doing Computer Science. My thesis paper has me contributing to a cycle-accurate emulator of an off-the-shelf microcontroller, which is kinda interesting.

I’m looking for a job to start after I finish my degree. Here’s more about what I’m looking for


I was radicalized by a Tom Scott video and YouTube algorithms into buying a V60 coffee drip brewer and learning about speciality coffee after almost entirely avoiding it for years. I think in some sense I’m doing this to try and force myself into a daily ritual. We’ll see how that goes.