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Life changelog



  • internship at Samsung R&D Poland, working on open source SLAV device testing stack
    • July 2018 - February 2019
    • developped a lightweight-ish container solution
    • migrated MuxPi project to Armbian from custom-built Gentoo (after failing to reproduce the build process for 2 months)
  • internship at Asseco Business Solutions, working on an ERP platform
    • June 2017
    • surprised everyone by getting a tech internship straight out of a non-technical high school
  • attended I LO im. Staszica w Lublinie, a pretty good high school in Lublin
    • Matura final exam results: 90-ish% in CompSci, 100% and 82% in (basic and extended) Maths, 100% and 90-ish% (b&e) in English
    • did a lot of cool things with computers
    • maintained the school website
    • wrote a Smart TV app showing the news off the school website
  • took part in the second stage of Imagine Cup 2016 in Games category
    • made a geolocation-based mobile MMORPG so you could slaughter dragons in the streets by waving your phone like a sword
    • perhaps not the brightest idea now that I think about it