Photo of Michał. Michał is a white guy in his twenties and dark blonde hair partially reaching his shoulders and curling at the ends. In the photo he's smiling and looking at the viewer, and he's wearing headphones, glasses with a dark blue frame, and a dark T-shirt.


– What I am looking for careers-wise

570 words, ~3 minutes

Hi, my name is Michał, and if you are reading this on my website, I am currently open for job offers. I will be available full-time-ish starting approximately October 2022, and part-time no later than July 2022, probably earlier (depends on uni). I live in Warsaw, Poland for now, but I am quite interested in moving out somewhere I can work remotely from.

Things I can offer

Things I would like to see

You don’t have to tick literally all the boxes, it’s just some ways to spark my interest in your business:

Things I am not interested in

You will find me impossible or very difficult to hire if your business is about:

Other things I find repulsive include:


If you have read all (or at least most) of this, and you don’t see anything conflicting with what you want to offer me, you are free to contact me over my Linkedin, at the email address listed in the Contact page, or you can build your custom email address for contacting me by putting your company’s name before the @ sign and after the @ sign. I’m going to do that anyway if you contact me at the public email address, so you might as well get ahead and do that if you want.